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‘Aao kabhi haveli pe’

April 12, 2017

Amrish Puri’s ‘Aao kabhi haveli pe’ dialogue has gone viral on Twitter; check these out Remember how Amrish Puri’s character mouthing the dialogue ‘Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe’ from the movie Nagina sent chills down our spines, every time we heard it? Well, thanks to the Internet, you’ll in all probability burst out laughing the next time you hear it! The veteran actor’s dialogue is now a viral joke on social media, especially on Twitter. With the epic one-liner as the basic premise, Twitter users are coming up with hilarious jokes, that are sure to leave you in splits.

For instance, “Kids: Can i have your phone no? Real Men: Shall I drop you somewhere? Legends: Aao kabhi Haveli pe,” “Kids says : I have 4 BHK flat, Men says : I have a royal bungalow, Legend says : Aao kabhi haveli pe” are just some of them.

Kids: Can i have your phone no ?
Real Men: Shall I drop you somewhere ?
Legends: Aao kabhi Haveli pe


Kids say ‘Nice Dp’
Real men say ‘How you doin?’
Legends say ‘Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe


Kids: lets go to CCD
Men: lets go to Starbucks
Legends: aao kabhi haveli pe

Chalti hai kya 9 se 12 is for kids”
Real men go for “Aao Kabhi Haveli pe

VIA : indianexpress


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