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Amusement ride turns into HORRIFIC machine

July 28, 2017

A swinging and spinning amusement park ride called the Fire Ball broke apart mid-air, and part of the ride was separated from the ride risking people’s lives. The horrific accident has left one dead and several others injured.

In a horrific accident, one person was killed and seven others were left severely injured when an amusement park ride, reportedly called the Fire Ball, malfunctioned and broke apart on the opening day of the Ohio State Fair. The jaw-dropping moment was captured by a bystander that shows the dangerous ride swinging back and forth like a pendulum and spinning in air, when it crashes into the base of the structure, and part of the ride flies off.

The horrific footage shows people falling off and hitting the ground, amid screams.

A company providing rides at the Ohio State Fair this year described the Fire Ball as an “aggressive thrill” ride, an AP report mentioned.
The video clip is going viral on Twitter and has been shared by scores of people, expressing their horror and grief.

VIA : indianexpress

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