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memes after Faf du Plessis and David Miller have an epic running between the wicket

June 12, 2017

While India and South Africa are busy fighting it out on the field, their interaction generated some great drama on the field. Though there were three run-outs in the match, the mix up between David Miller and du Plessis takes the cake. By the end of it, both the batsmen were running toward the same crease.

The Champions Trophy has begun and it goes without saying that all eyes are focused on India. After their stupendous victory against Pakistan, India lost to Sri Lanka and let’s just say social media was not really kind. All this has only created a great buzz around the India South Africa match today, and seems like both teams are providing enough fodder to keep the buzz going. India won the toss and chose to field and while both the teams are fighting it out, neck to neck on the field, their interaction have also created some unintentional drama.

If you’ve been watching the match, you must have, by now, seen South Africa’s uncharacteristic sloppy running between the wickets, and witnessed the chaotic mix up between David Miller and Faf du Plessis. For the uninitiated, David Miller had just come to bat and du Plessis was on strike. The latter had just hit the ball and called for a run. While Miller was on his way to the other end of the crease, du Plessis changed his direction mid-way, and by the end of it both the batsmen were running toward the same crease. Yes, indeed. It goes without saying that this gave Virat Kohli and his team an easy opportunity, and they grabbed it.

In case you are wondering who was declared out, it was Miller since he came in late.
Incidentally this happened after AB de Villiers too lost his wicket while running in between the tickets. It was then only a matter of time till social media exploded with jokes.

Check it out tweets

* All good batsmen in this world bows down to Mahendra Bahubali *

When you realize that Mahendra Bahubali is your real king, not Bhallaldev

Virendra Vaishnav
SA does it ever time.


Miller – i came first 😒
Faf – No bro i was first 😏
DHONI – stop fighting and one of you please go

When you hear the stump mic recording.


Subha 🏏 @Iamsubha27
When you’re forced to work on Sundays

Khali Peeli
When ur the cousin but also wants to be her shohar

डी.के. @itsdhruvism
People who tried hard to cross their lines today.


When you’re taking runs but you run out of aashirwad


VIA : indianexpress

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