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The epic fight between a kangaroo and a dog

June 14, 2017

Many a time, a scuffle between two different animals can be so epic, that it becomes hard to guess who will win it. A similar incident happened in Australia when a German Shephard dog entered into a brawl with a Kangaroo. The two animals charged each other and using full might, and God, it was a close encounter.

As neither of them refused to back out and the fight continued for about 20 minutes. Finally, a policeman had to intervene and separate the two animals.

Anthony Hartley from New South Wales filmed the 20-minute encounter off Cooma road and now the footage has gone viral.

A few months ago, another epic battle of a man vs a kangaroo had gone viral, when the human punched the marsupial on his face to save his hunting dog. The kangaroo dangerously had its legs wrapped around the dog’s neck.

VIA : indianexpress

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