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This photo of three beautiful women is going viral

May 3, 2017

As much as we claim to have become a progressive and inclusive lot, there are still archaic notions that are prevalent in the society’s mindset. And one of the most regressive ideals that sadly continues to thrive is the obsession with fairness. Many people still take an instant, inexplicable dislike towards someone of a darker skin tone, without even getting to know the person first. Which is why, this photo of three women clicking a selfie is going viral on Facebook, and rightly so.

Shared on a Facebook page called The Uncanny Truth Teller 2, the photo is titled “The Faces of India they won’t show you” and shows three beautiful women in saris, wearing traditional Indian jewellery and posing for a picture. According to a report by The News Minute, while it is not clear if these girls are of Indian origin, the Facebook post is directed at Indians’ obsession with fair skin colour. Shared thousands of times over, the picture definitely speaks a thousand words, leading many to even call out the discrepancies in Indian minds.
Among the many positive reactions it garnered, there are also many who have commented on the skin colour of the girls. It was only recently that actor Abhay Deol took to social media to point out how Bollywood perpetuates people’s obsession, after naming actors like Sonam Kapoor, Yami Gupta, Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham etc., and their association with fairness cream brands.

VIA : indianexpress

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