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Woman falls into open cellar as she was too busy texting while walking

June 10, 2017

Time and again we have been warned about serious implications of using mobile phones while we walk and drive, but we don’t pay heed to it. The video below will help you take those warnings very seriously. An elderly woman in the US was severely injured when she fell through a cellar door on a sidewalk. Reason? Well, she was too busy with her cell phone. Yes, the 67-year-old woman while walking on the pavement took out her phone to read something and didn’t notice the open gates. She stumbled on it and even before she knew it, fell deep into the cellar.

Two alarmed passersby came back to check on her. Luckily there were men working in the underground cellar that was about 6-feet deep, and rescue workers were called to evacuate the injured lady. The incident occurred on Thursday in Plainfield, New Jersey and was captured on surveillance cameras.

VIA : indianexpress

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